Function Birds

A function bird behaves just any other bird. The difference is that a function bird behaves as if offscreen robots are waiting for boxes to arrive on her nest. These robots expect, by convention, that the delivered box contains another bird and some other widgets. The bird is given the result of computing a function of the other widgets.

Here is the list of number functions birds available in this system:

Here is the list of box functions birds available in this system:

Here is the list of element functions birds available in this system:

You can add a function bird to your work space by dragging one of the birds above or by clicking on a number. Click on > button to see the advanced options and then click on Make a function bird. Then click on the bird to choose the function.

Click the green flag to watch the robot demonstrate this:

Nests in boxes given to function birds

Function birds can be given message boxes with nests replacing some of the required widgets. If any are empty the function birds will wait until birds deliver all the required widgets to those nests to respond. Note that while waiting for those widgets if the work area is saved and restored those "off-screen" function birds are lost.

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