Customising the interface

You can check boxes to enable or disable spoken help, balloon help, voice commands, and translation to other languauges. Click on the icon to see these options.

Saving programs

To save your program click on the icon. You can edit the Current program name to whatever you like. Programs can be automatically saved when changed or if turn auto-save off you can save them when you choose. If you have a Google Drive account you can save to your account. Or you can save your programs inside of this browser. Or you can do both.

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You can share your programs by going to Google Drive and sharing the files you will find in the ToonTalk Programs folder.

Loading programs

You can browse for saved programs and clicking on a program name loads the program.

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Publishing programs

if you have Google Drive account you can publish your program as a web page containing either the work space or as a list of widgets depending upon whether the As a workspace checkbox is checked. A link to edit your page should then appear. You can edit the text or change the workspace and your edits will be saved. Your published page can be hosted anywhere that supports static web pages.

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